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Finding my purpose in life.

Crazy Entrepreneur

Oh, what a cliché.

I’ve decided to combine my passion for teaching and helping people find their path, especially in entrepreneurship. Besides, creating a new venture is my serial entrepreneurial nature.

Hence, this blog is my latest journey of creating Prometheus Café as a virtual hub for aspiring entrepreneurs, serving initially my university students studying in 2 courses that I’m teaching: 

  • Entrepreneurship\Intrapreneurship
  • Introduction to eManagement

I’ve been offering online content for many years to supplement learning as textbooks constantly change their format, which is not practical and expensive…

Entrepreneurial Textbook prices are ridiculous!

While students might complain about the textbook size to read, think about us teachers who must evaluate dozens of these beasts for a course. Then, build a course around that text for the student.

This is a lot of work!

Over a few years, publishers release a new edition that they are pleased about, but not the students or even us teachers. For students, this means no used books (only expensive new ones), and the teachers have to review the text and update their course accordingly.

You would think new, updated content is good, but the reality is the field of entrepreneurship is not a rapidly evolving field of study. However, the publishing industry is trying to sell new textbooks by shifting around content (to make the previous version hard to use) and sprinkling a few new resources.

Viola, a new and improved textbook, just $400!

Hold on!

So I switched to Open Source as that seemed like a great solution to an expensive problem.

Problem solved – Right?


These sites started monetizing by adding subscriptions, ads, and other annoying barriers to content. The only solution is to write my own content to build my lesson around.

Not Your Site, Not Your Content

My content was published on the university publishing platforms that would periodically change as the IT department would change solutions due to financial, student access, policies, and other factors. 

Except there were no tools to migrate my content spread across multiple screens with lessons embedded.

I would have to recreate most of the content for the new platform. OK, I finally ended up on WordPress, which allows for a better format of single posts for key subject areas. 

This Spring, I was going to leverage some great content I created for a business competition that was sponsored by many local businesses for a new venue…

It was GONE!

The content had not been updated in the years (it was excellent, no updates required), but the department went through a purge to free space for old content. 

OK, yes…I should have backed up the information, but it was an entire WordPress site (posts, pages, links, etc.), which is difficult to replicate offline. In addition, I was reassured that saving my work on university resources would be a safe practice.

First-time shame on you. Second-time shame on me… Fourth-time, I’m an idiot!

Creating Prometheus Cafe

As a teacher of both entrepreneurship and creating a digital presence (eManagement), the development of this site is a way to:

“Practice yourself what you preach.” 

Titus Maccius Plautus (254 – 184 BC)

Asinaria, Act 3, Scene 3.

Hence, Prometheus Café is primarily a cozy hub for learning and helping dreamers overcome their barriers. There are always barriers. I’ve had a couple. 🤪

Enjoy the 5 new articles

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I’m excited to recreate my content using new tools and ways to engage those who want to change their lives.

So sign up and be the first to know about these changes and even get a weekly newsletter highlighting the changes… well, hopefully as I try to figure that out!

Bye for now.

Come back soon!

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